What is Yoga Therapy?

To begin with… What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient technique which originated in India thousands of years ago, and has reached its current forms through successions of teachers and practitioners. Yoga has been developed to enable us to be released of pain and suffering. Today, Yoga is extremely popular mainly due to its positive effects on health and well-being.

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy is the application of Yoga practice for healing, rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes. It consists of a series of exercises tailored to each person according to his or her situation. The progress in Yoga Therapy depends on the person’s continued practice and participation and on his or her interaction with the Yoga Therapy instructor. Yoga Therapy was proven to assist in diverse health conditions and it is backed by considerable scientific evidence for its therapeutic properties.

Yoga Therapy has a “Hands-On” approach to Healing and Therapy. The student is called to practice Yoga on his own and feel the benefits for himself. This is why Yoga Therapy is helpful in treating chronic pain, emotional pain and auto-immune conditions. The student is empowered to help herself, with the first sign of “feeling better” being just the first mark in a series of improvements along the way.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy
Yoga practice strengthens the body and the immune system, encourages body toning and improves mobility and body functions. The practice also enhances processes of coping with stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga Therapy is adjusted to our modern lifestyle and provides an alternative approach for healing and for day-to-day living.