About us

Ifat Goldman – Yoga teacher, expert in Yoga Therapy and spinal rehabilitation. Acts as the director of the Yoga Therapy Center. Graduate of the advanced Yoga teachers’ training with Orit Sen-Gupte and of Yoga Therapy programs in Israel and in India. Graduate of the international Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course and of the Yoga teacher for children training program in the Wingate Institute.

Roy Ereli – Yoga teacher – the Desikachar tradition training course, the Wingate Institute. Graduate of the Parmarth Niketan Yoga teachers’ training course, Rishikesh, India, including training in Yoga Therapy and in integrating Ayurveda with Yoga. A guide for yogic living. Practitioner of Vipassana meditation. Guides meditation and self-inquiry and plays the sitar (an Indian musical instrument).