Conditions for Therapy

Yoga Therapy is beneficial in the treatment of every medical condition as long as it is performed under the following stipulations:

  1. The practice is adjusted to the individual by a skilled Yoga Therapy teacher.
  2. The Yoga practice includes breath exercises and Yoga body movements and postures (Asana and Viniyasa), combined with breath exercises, body awareness, and relaxation exercises.
  3. The student performs the Yoga routine in his or her own environment and learns how to integrate Yoga and Yogic lifestyle into his or her daily life.
  4. During the lessons the student performs the Yoga routine with the Yoga instructor to receive yoga for progress and corrections. This should happen at least once a week for a period of at least three months.

It is recommended that the Yoga instructor and the student will jointly choose certain parameters for progress and examine them on a weekly basis.

Yoga Therapy works best when it is practiced regularly at home. Although the requirement for home practice and weekly participation in lessons demands investment of time and resources, we believe it is the best way to cope with illness, chronic pain and ageing. Rather than taking increasingly more drugs, it is better to change your lifestyle and integrate Yoga into your daily life. This proves to be both a natural and an inexpensive solution for well-being and decent life. Yoga is the best practice for improving the quality of life and for easing pain and suffering.