Our Therapy Center

The Israeli Yoga Therapy Center was established by Ifat Goldman and Roy Ereli, two Yoga Therapy instructors and a married couple. The Center was initiated in order to help people and empower them to improve their health with Yoga and yogic lifestyle. Besides Ifat and Roy, Elad Goldman (Ifat’s brother) also teaches in the center. As well as being a Yoga Therapy instructor Elad is a social worker who adapts Yoga to people with special needs.

Our belief
We believe that everyone can practice Yoga as long as the practice is adjusted to the individual’s needs. We trust that Yoga can help anyone and bring considerable benefits not only to individuals but also to society as a whole. For us Yoga is a way of living and being in the world and it is rooted in our own personal practice. Thus, we see ourselves as Yoga students who continue to advance and develop with our daily Yoga practice.

The unique approach of our Yoga Therapy Center consists of a high level of sharing of knowledge and expertise between our instructors. Each and every case is analyzed by at least two instructors prior to the commencement of the therapeutic process.